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Portable CNC cutting machine

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    Product Name: portable CNC cutting machine Product Description: This portable CNC cutting machine is an ideal choice between large gantry CNC and small portable CNC (the maximum cutting range is 1.5) × 10 meters). Our design is compatible with and absorbs the advantages of gantry and portable CNC cutting machines. The design is reasonable and easy to operate. Plasma cutting and flame cutting can be configured. It has the following advantages: ● the whole machine has stable working performance, stable operation, good dynamic performance and high control precision; ● industrial computer control, programmable software simplifies the panel design and has more powerful functions, including automatic cutting, return and re cutting, slit compensation, breakpoint recovery, dynamic display tracking, end-point automatic control, etc; ● strong anti high frequency interference ability; ● humanized man-machine interface and powerful automatic programming system; ● program generation, program transfer to processing and cutting, all of which realize computer operation; ● configure programming nesting software, take out and discharge the part drawing drawn by AutoCAD or CAXA, and directly generate the G code file required for cutting after selecting appropriate programming parameters. ● optional plasma cutting; ● programming nesting is easy to operate, which can effectively improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality on the premise of improving the utilization rate of nesting; ● flexible data transmission: support USB interface and store the conversion and transmission program files through USB disk; ● stepper motor drive to ensure high-precision control; ● automatic ignition and automatic capacitor raising; ● original cutting torch clamping device, stable operation and effective protection of cutting torch; Product parameters of portable CNC cutting machine:

    Input voltage V / Hz


    Thickness of cut steel plate MM


    Cutting speed of steel plate MM/MIN


    Effective cutting torch PIECE


    Total machine weight KG