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Contract Execution Assistant

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Job Responsibilities:

1, conducting the first trial of the contracts of the sales department, giving suggestions for amending unreasonable clauses.

2, judging the quotation of the non-standard or non-conventional products.

3, setting up ledger for the contracts that have gone into effect and make real-time updates.

4, issuing the production order, exploration notice and shipping notice to the relevant departments timely.

5, arranging and analyzing contract execution data and information and forwarding them to the relevant departments.

6, managing the company official seal, special seal for contractual uses, and making good registration about the seal use in accordance with the provisions.

7, completing other tasks assigned by the superior leaders;

Job Requirements :

1, Secondary Vocational School Education and above

2, with relevant knowledge about production management and contract management.

3, familiar with the model specification of the company products, sales policies, production equipment and capacity.

4, good ability of language communication and writing skills.

5, proficient in OFFICE office software.